Introducing JIKSOO, the most advanced water purifying technology. With 304 Stainless Steel Waterway for protection against microbial infections.

The Future of Water Purification Is Here: JIKSOO tankless technology by SK magic

Over the years, water purifiers have become a great addition to any Malaysian home. These innovative devices help to ensure that the water you consume is clean and safe. Having said this, there are many brands and models available in the market today that claim to have the best water purifier in Malaysia. Considering this wide range of selections, choosing a water purifier for your home can be easier said than done. Fortunately, the tankless technology recently developed by SK magic removes water tank in the water purifier and provides water that is never stagnant, clean and pure to all Malaysians.

SK Magic JIKSOO Tankless Technology: The Water Purification System for Any Home

If you are looking for a water purification system for your home and family, look no further than SK Magic’s JIKSOO water purifiers. These new advanced tankless water purifiers are innovated to completely replace water purifiers with that use tanks.

Advanced Tankless Technology of SK Magic’s JIKSOO Water Purifiers

One feature of SK Magic’s JIKSOO water purifiers is that they are designed with advanced tankless technology, ensuring that water flows directly from its source to the cup of water without stagnation. This allows for the elimination of bio-film and algae growth in the water tanks, where water is stored in the tank before it is dispensed. Moreover, our tankless water purifiers are equipped with instant cooling and heating systems, providing various water temperatures (infant, tea, hot, cold, ambient and more) to you with just a touch of button. Power consumption can also be significantly reduced. Additionally, the JIKSOO water purifiers are also innovated with the 304-grade stainless steel waterways, reducing the risk of contaminated water due to rust. The automatic water tab UV sterilisation every 2 hours also helps to remove up to 99.9% of bacteria in the water. All these technologies go into ensuring that the water that comes from these tankless water purifiers flows straight from the source to your cup, giving you peace of mind knowing that the water that you drink is free of any bacterial build-up and unwanted contaminants.

More Than Clean Water with These Tankless Water Purifiers in Malaysia

With the advanced tankless technology, you can now experience water that is clean, pure and full of minerals without worrying about the quality of water you consume. Undoubtedly, one of the main advantages of owning these tankless water purifiers is that there is little to no bio-film formation and bacteria growth in the water. It is not stored in a tank, never stagnant, and flows directly from the source. Furthermore, your electricity bill can also be reduced as a result of the tankless technology. Using the latest, most advanced instant heating and cooling systems, various and consistent water temperature can be dispensed at your convenience. The power consumption is also largely reduced, as electricity is only used when water is dispensed, saving electricity bill and our earth at the same time. Therefore, without the need for a water tank, SK Magic water purifiers are compact in size and can fit into any limited space. With the sleek design and the most innovative technology, SK Magic’s JIKSOO water purifiers are the perfect match for you who are looking to get clean, pure, and mineral water in your daily life.

Stay Hydrated Today with SK Magic’s JIKSOO Water Purifiers

With numerous benefits and advanced features, the JIKSOO tankless water purifier is able to provide you with peace of mind as you enjoy clean and fresh mineral water without worrying about the contaminants, bacteria or micro-plastics in the water you consume. The JIKSOO tankless water purifier is truly matchless in their top-notch design and functions. Amazed about SK Magic’s JIKSOO tankless technology? Wait no more! Contact us now at 1800-18-7878 or e-mail us at to know more about our advanced water purifiers!