• aclv32
  • aclv32
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2 Motor 2 Fans 8 Filters
  • RM 3,800 Purchase Price
  • RM 130 / mth Rental Price

Rental Information

Full payment
Free 1-year service
Rent registration fee : 200RM (the same fee to be applied to all products)
Use period: 60 months (mandatory use period of 36 months)
Periodic Service (MS) every 4 months
Periodic filters change
Free 5-year service
Membership price is different depending on products
  • aclv32
  • aclv32
  • aclv32
  • aclv32
  • aclv32

Not one
Two-hearted powerful purification system

  • Double purification

    2 motors, 2 fans,
    8 filters for advanced functions


  • Touch free!

    Autonomic AI 


  • Ventury effect

    Harmony of creative
    design and high-tech


  • 4-Color of lights

    Colors appears
    air quality


Ingenious design

Unique design!

Complete design of sensible interior!

Middle hollow design for
Ventury Effect.
a principle of increasing velocity
when air flows through a narrow valley part.

Convenient Use

  • Intuitive display

    Directly check the air quality from a distance

    Check the changing color along with air quality displaying 4 colors of natural lights.

    • Blue - Good

    • Green - Moderate

    • Orange - Bad

    • Red - Very Bad

  • Leg & Wheel

    Two moving wheels and two legs are installed for each side at the bottom.
    So it is easy to move and stable during the operation

IoT Maintenance Service

Install 'SK magic’s Smart Center App.

Download from Google play or App store.

Entirely different IoT remote control and maintenance service. 
providing air quality monitoring, reporting, remotely on/off/reserved
working controls. Also trace remote controlling, management service,
and contact to Magic Care Service Center.

Quiet mode

Hush! For noise sensitive areas

Enable quiet mode in noise sensitive areas and moments considering the strong air suction power.

Power saving mode

Power saving for economic efficiency

Enable power saving mode to work fan and motor in one side instead of working both in low power


  • Model TWIN(ACL-V32) Color White
  • Capacity 105.6㎡ Power Supply AC 220~240V / 50Hz
  • Power Consumption 75W Dimension (mm) W445 x D450 x H875
  • Net Weight (kg) 27

Filtering System

Innovative transformation from one side to both sides powerful suction.

Dual suction and purification with 8 filters in total doubles the power up!
Suction bad air from fine particles to tiny bacteria much more strongly.
4-stage filters as well as motors and fans are installed in both sides, providing unparalleled cleanliness compared to other air purifiers

  • Pre-filter (Washable)

    Removes large particles and
    animal hairs floating in the air

  • Mid Filter (4 months)

    Removes mid-size dusts and
    improve removing performance

  • Deodorizing Filter (12 months)

    Removes bad odor, formaldehyde,
    disease-causing bad gas from new building
    (sick building syndrome:SBS) and so on.

  • HEPA Filter (12 months)

    Removes dust particles (PM2.5/1.0)
    as well as pollen, pet dander,
    mold spores below PM0.3