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  • RM 2,400 Purchase Price
  • RM 80 / mth Rental Price

Rental Information

Full payment
Free 1-year service
Rent registration fee : 200RM (the same fee to be applied to all products)
Use period: 60 months (mandatory use period of 36 months)
Periodic Service (MS) every 4 months
Periodic filters change
Free 5-year service
Membership price is different depending on products
  • aclv16mywh
  • aclv16mywh
  • aclv16mywh
  • aclv16mywh
  • aclv16mywh
  • aclv16mywh

The world's first carbon footprint certified air purifier!

  • Touch free!

    AI autonomously controls
    purifying system


  • 4 Smart Sensors

    Fine particle, Gas,
    Temperature and Humidity


  • Sophisticated design!

    Dimming light and
    Slim outlook


Smart Motion Air Purifier senses indoor air quality and
automatically works for the best air quality.
Touch Free TOP!

Tower Design

37cm width Slim Tower shape for
efficient space use and stable standing

Convenient Use

  • Intuitive display

    Dimming lights are large enough to help you identify indoor air quality at a glance

    Check the changing color along with air quality displaying soft and natural dimming lights.

    • Blue - Good

    • Green - Moderate

    • Orange - Bad

    • Red - Very Bad

    Easy to identify air quality via LED display

  • Automatic open/close blowhole lid

    Automatic open/close protects inflow dusts and helps to keep the product clean when it is not used

    • Blowhole Lid OPEN

    • Blowhole Lid CLOSE

  • Hidden Moving Wheels

    Allow easy-moving to all users as they wish

  • Suction Thru Front Perforated Holes

    Expand and maximize the air suction to provide clean and purified air promptly.

IoT Maintenance Service

Install 'SK magic’s Smart Center App.

Download from Google play or App store.

Entirely different IoT remote control and maintenance service.
providing air quality monitoring, reporting, remotely on/off/reserved
working controls. Also trace remote controlling,management service,
and contact to Magic Care Service Center.

4 Smart Sensors

Available comprehensive air quality diagnosis and real-time detection

  • Fine Particle Laser Sensor

  • Gas Sensor

  • Temperature Sensor

  • Humidity Sensor


Low Noise Design

Low noise offers calm and pleasant indoor environment

It calmly purifies in late night, sleeping, studying, working and so on.

Awards & Certifications

  • The most loved and trusted brand in Korea 2017 and 2018

    [Awarded the ‘Consumer's Chosen Best Brand’ for 2 consecutive years]

    This award to brands that are recognized as the best by both consumers and experts and SK magic was awarded the best prize for 2 consecutive years in water purifier/health care category

  • The world’s first air purifier to be certified ‘carbon footprint’

    TOP air purifier was certified ‘carbon footprint’ for the first time in the world in air purifier category to be
    recognized as least CO2 emitting high efficiency eco-friendly air purifier

    What is ‘Carbon Footprint’ certification?

    A certificate issued by Carbon Trust, a nonprofit organization established by the UK government in
    response to climate change. It is a certification of an organization’s environmental impact after
    assessing and verifying CO2 amount generated during the entire product life cycle of production,
    distribution, use, and disposal.


  • Model TOP(ACL-V16) Color White
  • Capacity 52.8㎡ Power Supply AC 220~240V / 50Hz
  • Power Consumption 52W Dimension (mm) W370 x D370 x H754
  • Net Weight (kg) 12.5

Filtering System

4-stage filtering system for providing clean and purity air only

  • Pre-filter (Washable)

    Removes large particles and
    animal hairs floating in the air

  • Dust Filter (4 months)

    Removes mid-size dusts and
    improve removing performance

  • Deodorizing Filter (12 months)

    Removes bad odor, formaldehyde,
    disease-causing bad gas from new building
    (sick building syndrome:SBS) and so on.

  • HEPA Filter (12 months)

    Removes dust particles (PM2.5/1.0)
    as well as pollen, pet dander,
    mold spores below PM0.3