• acl140ma
  • acl140ma
  • acl140ma
  • acl140ma
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  • acl140ma



2 Motor 2 Fans 8 Filters
  • RM 3,400 Purchase Price
  • RM 110 / mth Rental Price

Rental Information

Full payment
Free 1-year service
Rent registration fee : 200RM (the same fee to be applied to all products)
Use period: 60 months (mandatory use period of 36 months)
Periodic Service (MS) every 4 months
Periodic filters change
Free 5-year service
Membership price is different depending on products
  • acl140ma
  • acl140ma
  • acl140ma
  • acl140ma
  • acl140ma
  • acl140ma

Smart Motion Air Purifier Cares Air Quality for 365 days

  • 3

    Sides suction and
    smart motion

  • 6

    Smart sensors and
    AI purification system

  • 5

    Stage Filter System
    with Ionizer

Smart Motion Air Purifier senses indoor air quality and
autonomously works for the best air quality.
Touch Free Smart Motion!

Smart Motion Detecting Sensors

Focused Air care function for living spaces with smart sensors and motion technologies

  • Detect dust generator by various
    motions in daily life 01

  • Rotate and pop-up
    toward to source of dust 02

  • Focus on suction and
    purifying dusts around users 03

  • Sends qualified air to
    all directions 04

  • 3-Side Simultaneous Suction

    Suction from three sides to raise
    purifying efficiency up

  • Front Concentration Mode

    Concentrated delivery purified air
    farther and faster

Convenient Use

  • Intuitive display

    LED dots display time, temperature, air quality and so on.

    • Connect to IoT and display time

    • Display PM 10 /2.5 / 1.0 indices

    • Current temperature and humidity

  • Shadow Moving Light

    Blue/Green/Orange/Red, 4 colors display the air quality

    • Blue - Good

    • Green - Fair

    • Orange - Bad

    • Red - Very Bad

  • Hidden Moving Wheels

    Allow easy-moving to all users as they wish

IoT Maintenance Service

Install 'SK magic’s Smart Center App.

Download from Google play or App store

Entirely different IoT remote control and maintenance service. 
providing air quality monitoring, reporting, remotely
on/off/reserved working controls. Also trace remote controlling,
management service, and contact to Magic Care Service Center.

6 Smart Sensors

  • Fine Particle Laser Sensor

    Detect dust generator by
    various motions in daily life

  • Gas Sensor

    Display gas concentration level with
    Blue/Green/Orange/Red colors. Alarm
    when red continues over 10 minutes

  • Temperature / humidity Sensor

    Real-time temperature and
    humidity are displaying
    via LED dots.

  • PIR (Infrared ray) Sensor

    Three PIR sensors detect exact
    direction particle source.



Ionizer removes harmful bacteria and hazardous substances in the air.


  • Model MOTION(ACL-140M) Color White
  • Capacity 46.2㎡ Sensor compositions Fine particle laser sensor, temperature & humidity sensor/ gas sensor/ 3 PIR sensors
  • Power Supply AC 220~240V / 50Hz Power Consumption 52W
  • Dimension (mm) W360 x D360 x H805 Net Weight (kg) 16.5

Filtering System

5-stage filtering system with Ionizer

  • Pre-filter (Washable)

    Removes large particles and
    animal hairs floating in the air

  • Dust Filter (4 months)

    Removes mid-size dusts and
    improve removing performance

  • Deodorizing Filter (12 months)

    Removes bad odor, formaldehyde,
    disease-causing bad gas from new building
    (sick building syndrome:SBS) and so on.

  • HEPA Filter (12 months)

    Removes dust particles (PM2.5/1.0)
    as well as pollen, pet dander,
    mold spores below PM0.3