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Social Value & Ethics

SK Makes Happy with Social Responsibility and Role Sharing

Social Value

SK, Maker of Indeungsan Mountain


Based on human-oriented management philosophy, SK has concentrated on promotion of human resources to lead the social contribution activities for a half century.
This humanitarianism has become the unique management philosophy called
“Happy Business Management.”

Social contribution activities by SK is rooted on happy business management to resolve social issues with innovative methods to maximize happiness of entire society where companies are.

Social Enterprise

To resolve and prevent various social issues, SK supports social corporations. Expecting more companies to resolve problems efficiently and flexibly under rapid transition, SK is leading to establish the ecosystem for companies to have sustainable growth and greater social values under better environment.

Investment on Human


SK established and supports the Korea Foundation of Advanced Studies,
SK Happiness Foundation and SK Smile Financial Foundation to make happy Korea altogether.


Ethical Management

Basing on SKMS as a basis of corporate governance, SK creates values for customers, group members, shareholders, and society. Through these values, we will make an contribution to the economic and social development and the happiness of all human beings.

  • Customers

    We gain customers’ trust by providing satisfactory services and achieve development along with customers.
  • Group Members

    As a member and representative of SK Group, we take pride in ourselves and sincerely conduct our duty.
  • Shareholders

    In order to create shareholder value, we increase corporate value by reinforcing transparency and efficient management.
  • Society

    We will do our best to grow together with society through the creation of social values, and to manage the company in accordance with social norms.

Cyber Audit Office

It is a place to consult about ethical management and to report the irregularities of executives and employees.