In pursuit of outstanding customer value
SK, Maker of Greater Happiness


In everywhere you can find SK, You will have a pleasant meeting

SK's products, services, and enhanced technologies are designed to create a better future. SK has been consistently growing through innovation and changes in its business culture. SK is trying to create a better world, taking on the role and responsibility of being a dutiful corporate citizen, going beyond sole focus on profit.

  • Advanced Technology

    From the beginning,
    SK has been a leader in innovation,
    using enhanced technologies.

  • Expanding Globalization

    We are active in implementing
    global businesses around the world.

  • Growing Relationships

    We are dedicated to working
    with our neighbors in Korea and
    around the world.

Business Areas

  • Energy & Chemicals
  • Information,Telecommunications,and Semiconductors
  • Marketing & Service


Since 1953 Growth through Changes and Innovation

  • 2017

    Take-over of Siltron to Establish the Portfolio
    for General Semiconductor Materials
  • 2012

    Launching of SK Hynix
    ( Global Semiconductor Manufacturer )
  • 2010

    Official Launching of SK China
  • 2007

    Launching of Holding Company
  • 2006

    Establishment of SK Happiness Foundation
  • 1996

    First success of CDMA in the World
  • 1992

    Challenge to Information and
    Communication Business
  • 1980

    Take-over of Korea Oil Corporation,
    Beginning of Vertical Subsidiary Model
  • 1976

    Development of Korea’s first
    Polyester Film
  • 1974

    Chairman Chey Jong-hyon,
    Established the scholarship foundation
    the Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies
  • 1966

    Beginning of Acetate Thread Production
  • 1953

    Foundation of Sunkyong Textile

SKMS & SUPEX Council

SK Business Culture, SKMS

SKMS (SK Management System) which stands for SK Management System, is a management system unique to SK, which was established in 1979 through agreement between all the members of SK group. It contains systematic management methodology and also reveals management doctrines and philosophies.
Through the establishment of SKMS, it became possible to develop management philosophies and to enhance the level of effectiveness of management. From 1979 until now, SKMS has been the standard for judgment in all SK of management activities.

The Top Consultative Committee for Management of SK Group

The SUPEX Promotion Committee reconsiders executive abilities of “Independent Yet United” through specialists in each field. The SUPEX Council leads continuous stability and growth of SK through participation and cooperation among affiliates.

  • Strategy
  • Energy·Chemicals
  • ICT
  • Global Growth
  • Communication
  • Human Resource
  • Social Contribution


To put effort for the best performance

All affiliates of SK put the utmost effort to induce the best performance.

  • SK innovation

    SK innovation will help Korea realize its dream of being an energy independent nation through oil development and will lead the development of future energy sources based on Green Technology.

    SK innovation
  • SK telecom

    SK telecom is opening up the future in a creative way by providing the best telecommunication services and solutions which fulfill customer needs and increase customer productivity.

    SK telecom
  • SK hynix

    With cumulative semiconductor production and administration expertise, SK Hynix is putting much effort to lead the global semiconductor market through continuous R&D and investment.

    SK hynix
  • SK E&C

    SK E&C will become a Global Top Tier Company through the success of its new businesses and expansion into the world market.

    SK E&C
  • SK E&S

    SK E&S will extend the LNG Value Chain to the world to become the Global Clean Energy & Solution Provider.

    SK E&S
  • SK chemicals

    SK chemicals will continue to develop by providing Total Healthcare Solutions and eco-friendly materials for the sake of harmonized existence between nature and human beings

    SK chemicals
  • SK networks

    SK networks will continue succeeding in the various areas of trade, information communications, energy circulation, and consumption.

    SK networks
  • SKC

    SKC will combine market insight and technology for the global market to become the Global Specialty Marketer to propose solutions for your demands and requirements.

  • SK energy

    SK energy will leap into the ranks of Global Top-Tier oil companies via the differentiated competitive power and know-how that it has accumulated through the years of its existence.

    SK energy
  • SK global chemical

    Within our vision of becoming a Global Top-Tier Chemical Company, SK global chemical will give even bigger values to our customers.

    SK global chemical
  • SK gas

    SK gas will continue developing new resources and taking a progressive attitude while marching into the world market in order to grow as Global No. 1 LPG company.

    SK gas
  • SK lubricants

    SK lubricants will become a world famous specialized lubricant company through our creativity and innovation.

    SK lubricants
  • SK planet

    SK planet will realize its goal of becoming the No. 1 Global Platform Innovator and will lead the platform business.

    SK planet
  • SK broadband

    SK broadband, the No.1 media company, focuses on an uncompromised customer experience as a top priority.

    SK broadband
  • SK materials

    SK Materials Co.,Ltd. is the best specialty gas manufacturer of the world, a basic material for semiconductor, TFT-LCD and Solar cell industries.

    SK materials
  • SK holdings

    SK holdings will endeavor to contribute to the national economic development and promotion of happiness for the customers, shareholders and organization members.

    SK holdings