November 26, 2021

Differences between a Water Filter and a Water Purifier  in Malaysia

It is widely known that drinking water regularly is good for our body. This is because approximately 60% of the human body is comprised of water. Every cell, tissue, and organ in the body requires a steady supply of water.

In line with this, it is advisable to consume sufficient water daily to stay healthy. However, the quality of water you consume also plays an important role to maintain your health. As such, choosing the best water purifier for you and your family is essential.

Even so, with so many brands to choose from, getting the right one will depend on many factors. There is also a common misconception that a water filter in Malaysia functions similarly to a water purifier when they are entirely different.

Therefore, the present article reveals some mind-blowing facts on the differences between Malaysia’s water purifier and a water filter. This article will also unveil how you can choose the best water filter for your home to keep you hydrated and healthy at all times.

The Key to Better Health and Optimum Performance: Water

It is reported that every part of our human body requires water to function. Many studies have shown that the digestive system uses water to assist in the digestion and absorption of nutrients. Moreover, water can aid the excretory system remove unwanted waste from the body more effectively. Other benefits of drinking water include regulating body temperature, improving blood oxygen circulation and preventing illnesses.

Water Purifier vs. Water Filter in Malaysia: The Showdown

As the names of each of these systems suggest, water filters and water purifiers differ in the way they remove unwanted contaminants from the water. The effectiveness of these two systems in eliminating these substances also differ from each other.

Firstly, water filters are water cleansing systems that separate pollutants in the water using physical barriers or filters. Much like using honey to attract bees, the best water filters in Malaysia attract and hold on to bacteria, microorganisms, and contaminants, preventing them from flowing to places like your kitchen sink.

However, water filters are not enough to provide you with pure and clean water. This is because the physical filter used in these water filtration systems may not be small enough to catch certain microorganisms, heavy metals or chemicals. As such, to truly obtain safe, drinkable water, water purifiers are ideal as they can remove almost all unwanted substances, no matter how small.

A water purifier is a water purification system that removes 90 to 95% of contaminants in the water. Through a water purifier, various kinds of bacteria, microbes, toxins, sediment, and other types of pollutants that cannot be seen with bare eyes are effectively purified and removed, providing only the cleanest water to you and your family. These contaminants are removed via purification processes like UV treatment, distillation, deionisation and reverse osmosis.

Enjoy Clean Water with This Water Purification System in Malaysia

Introducing JIKSOO, the latest and most advanced tankless technology from SK Magic that aims to provide pure, mineral water for you and your loved ones.

SK Magic’s JIKSOO water purifiers are designed with the latest tankless technology in the market. Being the first to introduce this advanced tankless technology to the water purifier market, SK magic’s JIKSOO water purifiers dispense water that is clean, pure and full of minerals with just a touch of button.

As the water flows directly from its source to the cup without a tank, the JIKSOO tankless technology can effectively eliminate biofilm formation that is commonly found in water tanks, and prevent any contamination in the water. Without a tank in these water purifiers, the water you consume is never stagnant, providing only the cleanest and freshest water to you, while retaining all essential minerals.

All this is achieved through a 3-step filtration system that incorporates the latest technology, expertise, and globally recognised filtration materials. This 3-step filtration system consists of a sediment filter, composite carbon block filter, and a nanotech PAC filter. The first filter in SK Magic’s JIKSOO tankless water purifier is the sediment filter, which removes large unwanted particles such as dust, sand, soil, and rust.

Next, a composite carbon block filter is used as a second line of defence to eliminate any fine particles that may have escaped.  Lastly, the third stage of filter, the nanotech PAC filter, helps to capture nano-sized particles, remove bacteria and viruses, and enhances the taste while retaining the essential minerals in the water. SK Magic’s water filtration system is truly head and shoulders above the rest.

Keep Calm and Stay Hydrated

To conclude, owning the best water purifier in Malaysia is exceptionally crucial. With the 3-stage filtration system and an advanced UV sterilisation in SK Magic’s water purifiers, these can eliminate any harmful contaminants and bacteria, providing fresh and pure mineral water to you.

So, what are you waiting for? Stay fresh and hydrated today with SK Magic’s water purifiers!  Visit your nearest SK magic outlet today to know more. You may also visit our official website at for more info and to view our available products.


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Dear Valued SK magic Customer,
If your SK magic product is affected by flood, please follow the necessary step for us to replace your damage product.
1) Take the picture of the affected of SK magic product and send it to us at
2) Our magic engineer will schedule a house visit to conduct inspection and product service.
3) Make a police report and submit to SK magic for warranty claim purpose within 1 month.
4) Please contact us at 1800-18-7878 or e-mail us at for further assistance.