June 16, 2021


Purified water from JIKSOO water purifier awarded with highest grade of ITI Superior Taste Award 2021

KUALA LUMPUR, 3 JUNE 2021 – Purified water by SK magic water purifiers have received international recognition for their world class water taste. The water that has been purified from ‘Self-managing’ JIKSOO water purifier was awarded the prestigious “Superior Taste Award” with the highest grade of 3 stars during the ‘2021 ITI International Food & Drinks Sensory Evaluation’ organized by the International Taste Institute (ITI) and certified by the International Taste Institute’s jury of the world’s best Chefs & Sommeliers.

The International Taste Institute was founded in 2005 in Brussels, Belgium, and is a world leader in the evaluation and certification of consumer food & beverages, evaluating products from 130 countries each year through a sensory evaluation and granting certification to world class products selected.

SK magic entered three of their main products (the ‘Self-managing’ JIKSOO water purifier, JIKSOO RICH ice water purifier and JIKSOO HYPER water purifier) to the 2021 sensory resulting the purified water from the ‘Self-managing’ JIKSOO water purifier’ receiving the highest grade of 3 stars for its exceptional taste, scent and texture by jury of the world’s best Chefs & Sommeliers.

In order to provide fresh and tasty water, SK magic developed the very first JIKSOO tankless water purifier in Korea that provides users with instantly filtered water only when needed, replacing the outdated ‘tank type’ water purifier that stores filtered water inside of a water tank. Their technological advancement has enabled them to receive numerous recognitions on both the Korean domestic & international stage. The JIKSOO RICH ice water purifier provides instant hot, cold water and ice function with its ALL JIKSOO system while the easy maintenance ‘Self-managing’ JIKSOO water purifier’ with its self-sterilisation function was also previously awarded with the “CES Innovation Award” in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the world’s most influential technology event. SK magic operates an Environmental Analysis Center, which is a water quality specialised laboratory researching the taste of purified water and it was appointed as an ‘Authorized Institution for Drinking Water Quality Testing’ by the Ministry of Environment in 2019 in Korea.

SK magic’s advanced JIKSOO Hyper Water Purifier (left) and JIKSOO Rich Ice Water Purifier (right) provides world class water taste to all consumers with its innovative tankless technology.

In Malaysia, SK magic offers both the signature JIKSOO Rich and JIKSOO Hyper water purifiers to provide clean and fresh drinking water to Malaysian. For more information, please visit or visit our stores nationwide.

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